Chapter 9

Warnings: Over 7.5K words (!!) and some mild language and love talk. Still PG-13. 🙂


She watched him across the little lamp on their table as he sat back and laughed at what Lilah had just said. He still wore his sunglasses – as he had all afternoon, even in the theatre – but the way the lamp illuminated his face, she could see his eyes clear enough. They lingered on hers for the smallest of moments.

With his lips quirked in a carefree smile, his teeth white against his dark skin…she had thought him handsome before, but at that moment, he caught her by surprise.

He wasn’t just handsome. He was drop-what-you’re-holding handsome. She had to remember to bring her glass of water to her lips instead of slopping it all down her front.

She only became more aware of him as the night wore on…

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Chapter 8

Warnings: A Spanish bad-word or two. Or an English one. Or both.

Walking through the myriad of pathways, he wound his way back through the buildings until he found the tall oak he had stood under when he and Hector had fought. Refusing to acknowledge the sudden thudding of his heart in his chest, he cut around towards the front of the building.

And suddenly he was stopped in his tracks.

She was there, in front of her apartment, and so was her daughter, but they weren’t alone. Carlos’ steps slowed until he had stopped altogether and watched as a tall, leanly muscled man with his wavy blonde hair pulled back at the nape of his neck lean in and embrace Christiana. From where Carlos stood, he couldn’t hear what was being said, but it didn’t matter. He could deduce it for himself when he saw the man kiss her head tenderly before pulling away. Then he was stooping to hug Lilah –kissing her on the cheek – before stepping back.

Carlos faltered. He felt as if a vast, aching trench was being opened in his chest. He hesitated only briefly before turning away to disappear behind the building the way he’d come.

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Chapter 7


Warnings: Close to 5K words, and over 30 pictures. Nothing else too harsh, though!

He saw the child notice him out of the corner of his eye. She approached him slowly, her gaze questioning and captivated. She stopped when she was only a few feet from him, and she tugged on a lock of her hair. “Why do you draw on your face?”

The direct disapproval in her small voice surprised him, and he looked up from his newspaper. She held one hand on her hip in a purely innocent imitation he assumed was from her mother. His lip quirked again as he lowered his paper.


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The Night in Covena

Warnings: Mentions of naked. Mentions of sex. Mentions of naked sex. … Annnnnd more sex. Also swearing. But mostly sex. NSFW. In case you were, ya know…still wondering…


A/N: Okay, so this is a pictureless look at the night Carlos spent with Christiana. This whole thing was originally going to be in the previous chapter of Spanish Lullaby, but it got too long, and I felt like it dragged the pace of the story down. Plus, I liked having it be a ‘stand-alone’ kind of piece. I’m pretty confident you can even read it alongside G03Ch56 Mistake… The dialogue, as well as mannerisms and gestures, are all pretty much identical, but we get a whole other dynamic for the reasons behind some of it. Carlos’ memory of this night is exceedingly sharper than Christiana’s. He wasn’t nearly as drunk as she was :b

And also, I am going to warn you again: This has explicit sex scenes described in detail. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything this NC17. So I’m nervous. But be warned. Sex sex sex.

This picks up right after his fight with Hector in chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Warnings: Language, man-angst…I think that’s it.

God, he hated those sunglasses… they made it so damned difficult to see inside at night – but he knew with the table-side lamp shining brightly on his left, he would not be able to see her even with his sunglasses off. It would give him a splitting headache in a matter of minutes trying to focus past the glow of the lampshade.

Bitterness spread within him like oil across water, filling in the cracks and coves that it had not yet touched. He shouldn’t be so weak. He should be able to say the hell with it, and take off the glasses…damn the consequences. He should be able to rotate his shoulder, or lift his niece in his arms, or protect her when she falls.

He should be able to do a lot of things that he couldn’t anymore…

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Chapter 5

Warnings: Nothing too harsh… just a lot of pain. And close to 4K words.

Carlos slowly tried to assess the damage, but without being able to move his head, he was unable to do more than guess at what had happened. Given the fact that his entire left side felt as if it was incessantly being dipped in burning oil, he doubted that was truly what was happening to him. Trying to move his arm again only resulted in another hiss of pain.

He tried to refocus on his brother and it was then that he noticed his left eye was covered. He timidly raised his arm and gently touched the left side of his face. It was covered in bandages.

“Jesus, what the hell happened to me?”

Hector shuffled hesitantly. “We don’t have to talk about that right now…” he said evasively.

“The hell we don’t,” Carlos muttered, his energy already beginning to sap. He let his arm fall back to the bed with a flump. “Where am I?”

Hector’s face was stoic. “Mercy. Burn unit.”

Carlos gave him a direct glare, waiting for more. Finally with a sigh, Hector dragged a hand over his tired looking eyes. “You were in an explosion.”

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Chapter 4

Warnings: Language, violence, both verbally and graphically intense towards the end – including blood.

At the end of the alley was a large hanger door, like that of a garage. It was wide open, the only light coming from a small security room with an empty chair and a broken window. To the back of the hanger was a pair of old rusted doors, one of them slightly ajar, and the sounds of men shouting could be heard from within. He had to see if he could hear how far away they were… then he’d be able to catch them by surprise all the easier.

Moving inside the hanger, his shoe crunched a piece of glass and he side-stepped to get away from it quickly. The toe of his other shoe caught a fine, thin wire underneath it as he stepped away from the glass…

And he heard the click at his right. It came from inside the security room.

Everything that happened next happened very, very fast… and yet, it felt as if it would last forever…

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