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Chapter 4

Warnings: Language, violence, both verbally and graphically intense towards the end – including blood.

At the end of the alley was a large hanger door, like that of a garage. It was wide open, the only light coming from a small security room with an empty chair and a broken window. To the back of the hanger was a pair of old rusted doors, one of them slightly ajar, and the sounds of men shouting could be heard from within. He had to see if he could hear how far away they were… then he’d be able to catch them by surprise all the easier.

Moving inside the hanger, his shoe crunched a piece of glass and he side-stepped to get away from it quickly. The toe of his other shoe caught a fine, thin wire underneath it as he stepped away from the glass…

And he heard the click at his right. It came from inside the security room.

Everything that happened next happened very, very fast… and yet, it felt as if it would last forever…

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