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Chapter 5

Warnings: Nothing too harsh… just a lot of pain. And close to 4K words.

Carlos slowly tried to assess the damage, but without being able to move his head, he was unable to do more than guess at what had happened. Given the fact that his entire left side felt as if it was incessantly being dipped in burning oil, he doubted that was truly what was happening to him. Trying to move his arm again only resulted in another hiss of pain.

He tried to refocus on his brother and it was then that he noticed his left eye was covered. He timidly raised his arm and gently touched the left side of his face. It was covered in bandages.

“Jesus, what the hell happened to me?”

Hector shuffled hesitantly. “We don’t have to talk about that right now…” he said evasively.

“The hell we don’t,” Carlos muttered, his energy already beginning to sap. He let his arm fall back to the bed with a flump. “Where am I?”

Hector’s face was stoic. “Mercy. Burn unit.”

Carlos gave him a direct glare, waiting for more. Finally with a sigh, Hector dragged a hand over his tired looking eyes. “You were in an explosion.”

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