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The Night in Covena

Warnings: Mentions of naked. Mentions of sex. Mentions of naked sex. … Annnnnd more sex. Also swearing. But mostly sex. NSFW. In case you were, ya know…still wondering…


A/N: Okay, so this is a pictureless look at the night Carlos spent with Christiana. This whole thing was originally going to be in the previous chapter of Spanish Lullaby, but it got too long, and I felt like it dragged the pace of the story down. Plus, I liked having it be a ‘stand-alone’ kind of piece. I’m pretty confident you can even read it alongside G03Ch56 Mistake… The dialogue, as well as mannerisms and gestures, are all pretty much identical, but we get a whole other dynamic for the reasons behind some of it. Carlos’ memory of this night is exceedingly sharper than Christiana’s. He wasn’t nearly as drunk as she was :b

And also, I am going to warn you again: This has explicit sex scenes described in detail. I don’t know how else to put it. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything this NC17. So I’m nervous. But be warned. Sex sex sex.

This picks up right after his fight with Hector in chapter 6
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Chapter 6

Warnings: Language, man-angst…I think that’s it.

God, he hated those sunglasses… they made it so damned difficult to see inside at night – but he knew with the table-side lamp shining brightly on his left, he would not be able to see her even with his sunglasses off. It would give him a splitting headache in a matter of minutes trying to focus past the glow of the lampshade.

Bitterness spread within him like oil across water, filling in the cracks and coves that it had not yet touched. He shouldn’t be so weak. He should be able to say the hell with it, and take off the glasses…damn the consequences. He should be able to rotate his shoulder, or lift his niece in his arms, or protect her when she falls.

He should be able to do a lot of things that he couldn’t anymore…

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