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Chapter 8

Warnings: A Spanish bad-word or two. Or an English one. Or both.

Walking through the myriad of pathways, he wound his way back through the buildings until he found the tall oak he had stood under when he and Hector had fought. Refusing to acknowledge the sudden thudding of his heart in his chest, he cut around towards the front of the building.

And suddenly he was stopped in his tracks.

She was there, in front of her apartment, and so was her daughter, but they weren’t alone. Carlos’ steps slowed until he had stopped altogether and watched as a tall, leanly muscled man with his wavy blonde hair pulled back at the nape of his neck lean in and embrace Christiana. From where Carlos stood, he couldn’t hear what was being said, but it didn’t matter. He could deduce it for himself when he saw the man kiss her head tenderly before pulling away. Then he was stooping to hug Lilah –kissing her on the cheek – before stepping back.

Carlos faltered. He felt as if a vast, aching trench was being opened in his chest. He hesitated only briefly before turning away to disappear behind the building the way he’d come.

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