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Chapter 9

Warnings: Over 7.5K words (!!) and some mild language and love talk. Still PG-13. 🙂


She watched him across the little lamp on their table as he sat back and laughed at what Lilah had just said. He still wore his sunglasses – as he had all afternoon, even in the theatre – but the way the lamp illuminated his face, she could see his eyes clear enough. They lingered on hers for the smallest of moments.

With his lips quirked in a carefree smile, his teeth white against his dark skin…she had thought him handsome before, but at that moment, he caught her by surprise.

He wasn’t just handsome. He was drop-what-you’re-holding handsome. She had to remember to bring her glass of water to her lips instead of slopping it all down her front.

She only became more aware of him as the night wore on…

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